All I want for Christmas is my Level 2 wall-mount, electric-car charger

What do you buy the early-adopting car enthusiast who already has a plug-in electric vehicle in his or her garage? How about a wall-mounted electric-car charger?

By teaming up with, GE Energy is hoping at least a few holiday shoppers this year might decide on just such a purchase. It announced today that its GE WattStation Wall Mount electric car charger is now available to US customers who browse the online retailer’s website.

“We believe the product is well-suited to an online purchasing experience,” said Sergio Corbo, chief marketing officer for GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business.

Why buy a special EV charger when the garage outlet is just sitting there unused? Because a Level 2 charger like the WattStation can provide a full-cycle charge for a 24-kilowatt-hour electric-car battery in four to eight hours, GE says. By comparison, a full charge on that standard wall outlet will take around 12 to 18 hours. Plus, GE notes, the WattStation comes with built-in fuses “to provide overload protection in the event of a fault occurrence.”

At $1,099.00 (with free Super Saver shipping), the WattStation would make for a pricey stocking stuffer. Still, for the electric-car owner who has everything else … maybe?


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