Concept smart car lets you bring a drive-in theater anywhere

A return to the days of the drive-in movie theater hardly seems cutting-edge or resource-efficient, but the latest concept car from Daimler delivers on both fronts.

The smart forstars, set to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2012, comes with an electric drive for zero-emissions motoring. It also features a projector built into the hood (or front bonnet, as the Brits say) so drivers can use any blank wall as their very own drive-in movie screen.

That makes the vehicle a “communication concept” as much as a mobility concept, according to Daimler.

As befits its name, the smart forstars features lots of smartphone-enabled controls, from the media player and sound system to the interior temperature setting. In fact, the car has a smartphone actually built in; it’s located at the top of the windscreen where the rear-view mirror would typically be. Coupled with a video camera, the smartphone lets drivers see what’s going on on the road behind them.

So why “forstars”? The name, Daimler notes, is a “tongue-in-cheek reference to the glass roof above the passengers that gives a clear view of the starry sky.”


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