European Audis, VWs to add high-speed internet

European vehicles from Audi and Volkwagen will soon be coming with smarter, machine-to-machine connectivity.

Both automakers recently signed a deal with Vodafone in which new vehicles will be equipped with an embedded SIM chip developed especially for the auto industry. The technology will provide drivers with high-speed internet access on the road.

“Our efficient mobile communications networks ensure that the networked car is becoming more and more widespread, including across European national borders,” said Erik Brenneis, chief executive of Vodafone Machine-to-Machine.

One of the driving forces behind increasing automotive connectivity in Europe is the EU’s plan for a Europe-wide eCall emergency system that automatically sends out an SOS when a vehicle is involved in an accident.

As of 2013, the Audi S3 already features a 4G-capable infotainment system. The Vodafone system will be added to new Audis starting with the 2015 models.


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