How iPads and iPhones can save you money and energy

Today’s energy grid isn’t yet anywhere as “smart” as it could be, but smartphones are already helping many people and businesses save money and become more energy efficient.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the iPhone and iPad apps leading the way:

  • Using inefficient light bulbs can cost the average US citizen more than $120 a year, according to the software company Eco Hatchery. That’s why it developed Light Bulb Finder, a free smartphone app designed to make it easy to identify the best and most efficient light bulbs for any fixture. Light Bulb Finder was recently named best overall app in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Apps for the Environment Challenge.
  • Hunter Research and Technology’s greenMeter app for iPhones and iPads is aimed at helping motorists drive more efficiently, whatever type of car they have. The developer estimates the app, first released in 2008, has so far helped users reduce their fuel consumption by around 2 million gallons.
  • Released in late 2009, Key Lime’s Green Outlet lets you calculate how much energy your home appliances use and predict what your monthly electricity bill might be based on your habits.
  • With 50 states, many more regional agencies and thousands of electricity utilities, the US has a huge, bewildering and ever-changing variety of energy efficiency rebates, tax credits, renewables incentives and other green-focused benefits to choose from. Designed for both consumers and engineers, EnergyIQ’s WattRebate provides users with location-specific and up-to-date information on what incentives apply to them.
  • Rather than help you conserve energy at home, on the road or elsewhere, iamgreen’s software aims to make your phone itself smarter and more energy efficient. Users answer a few questions to find out how to adjust settings on their phones to boost efficiency, and can even share their results with like-minded friends.


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