Kansas City plans for smart services ‘like never before’

Kansas City plans to launch a new network that will enable smart-city services and a “living lab” in its innovation district.

In a letter of intent signed with Cisco, city officials have outlined a framework for various pilot projects, including infrastructure sensing, a mobile platform for citizen access, smart street lighting, video surveillance and interactive kiosks.

“This joint effort will connect our visitors and residents with our city’s services and information like never before,” said Kansas City Mayor Sly James. “In addition, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to build their own unique, innovative applications to enhance the public’s experience.”

In addition to providing the city with access to its Smart+Connected Communities platform, Cisco plans to work with local companies to manage a “living lab” for entrepreneurial development.

“Innovative solutions will be developed that are not even on the drawing board once we connect the smart city ecosystem to the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Isaiah Blackburn, Cisco’s chief strategist for Connected and Innovative Kansas City.


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