Pisa eyes better parking, lighting with M2M

Deutsche Telekom is rolling out a variety of M2M projects — including a sensor-based parking management system — in the famed Italian city of Pisa.

The parking system, to be added to the city’s existing “Intelligent Transportation System,” will help motorists find an open space via a smartphone app. Sensors in the city center’s Piazza Carrara will detect whether individual parking spaces are empty or occupied, and will relay this information to users via the app. The system will also enable drivers to pay for parking using their smartphones.

“It will ensure a better flow of traffic, reduce CO2 emissions – in accordance with our SEAP (sustainable energy action plan) and our policies on smart mobility – and make it much more convenient to look for a parking space,” said Pisa Mayor Marco Filippeschi.

Other M2M systems that Deutsche Telekom plans to roll out in the city include a big-data service that analyzes historical traffic data to optimize the flow of traffic, a remote-controlled streetlight system and a “smart stadium” app for people attending large events in the city.


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