Spain’s ‘SmartLand’ tracks parking, trash & more

A business consortium is equipping two towns on the Spanish-French border with a raft of smart technologies for traffic control, water management, waste collection, street lighting and more.

The SmartLand Bajo Bidasoa project is targeted at the 78,000-some residents of the towns of Irun and Hondarribia. Using a Smart City Center solution based on IBM technology, the initiative aims to use data, establish new policies and encourage new behavior to better manage resources from water and waste to public transport and public works.

Among the technologies that have already been deployed in the region are:

  • A smartphone-based app that lets users report and monitor incidents related to water, trash collection, traffic and other concerns to the appropriate public-service officials.
  • Real-time monitoring of “intelligent” lampposts that monitors energy consumption, reports when streetlights go out and automatically opens up maintenance requests.
  • A network of 32,000 water and sewer system sensors that tracks capacity and generates alerts when consumption levels exceed local guidelines.
  • RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag-enabled monitoring of trash bags to get better insights into how and when waste is generated, and what is being disposed of.
  • Video-enabled bus stop surveillance that sets off loudspeaker alerts when motorists park illegally in Irun’s busiest square.

SmartLand Technologies is a consortium of six different companies: BuntPlanet (software), IKOR Metering, Btesa (telecom), IT consultancy Eptisa Tecnologías de la Información, lighting firm Iluminación Inteligente LUIX and the ICT-focused com & media.


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