Could better tech feed the world?

Could smarter sensors, big data and automation bring about the second revolution in agricultural yields and food production? Many smart people working in IT, robotics and drone technology think so. While the first “Green Revolution” (called that by USAID director […]

Will better farm tech produce more food?

Interesting question: does this video of smart agricultural technology from John Deere promise an exciting, more productive, less backbreaking future for farming? Or, as Kay McDonald, an agricultural researcher, suggests in her blog Big Picture Agriculture, does it conjure up […]

Mini-trees could bring ‘next green revolution’

The next “green revolution” might be miniaturized … as in genetically modified, semi-dwarf trees. With altered genes to encourage larger-than-usual root masses or sturdier trunks — as well as smaller overall size — such trees could offer better drought resistance, […]


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