Where to see the highest solar panels in the world

Seeing solar panels on the roofs of homes and business buildings isn’t such a big deal anymore … which is certainly a good thing. But seeing them at the top of a 50-story building? That’s not only unusual, but — for now — unique to Deutsche Bank’s Americas’ headquarters in New York.

Completed in January 2012, the 122.4-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) array covering the south- and east-facing slopes of the 60 Wall rooftop stands 737 feet above street level. That makes the installation the “highest elevated solar PV flat panel array in the world,” says Deutsche Bank.

The electricity generated by the sky-high solar panels are expected to cut the building’s carbon emissions by 100 metric tons a year. Two other solar installations at US facilities are also helping to reduce Deutsche Bank’s carbon footprint, and a fourth one is currently in development.

One array, a 1.27-megawatt installation in Piscataway, New Jersey, has helped transform the bank’s office there into a net-zero electric building.

Globally, Deutsche Bank now gets 65 percent of its electricity from renewables.


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